Tyson Griffin Regains MMA Passion

By Jeremy Green
Tyson Griffin UFC
Mark J. Rebilas-US Presswire

Former UFC lightweight fighter Tyson Griffin seems to be getting his groove back.  In a recent interview with MMAmania.com, Tyson Griffin talked about his life after his UFC tenure.

In the beginning, I got into this sport just because it was fun, but I think I allowed it to become a job. I allowed it to become that 9-5 , where I’m getting up and just grinding. Now I’m making changes to where I’m training, I moved and I’m just making changes in my life to allow myself to have fun with it again. To me, it’s what this is all about. I’m having fun training again. I think when I took it to seriously and started thinking about it too much, my performances kind of spoke for themselves, and weren’t as exciting.”

The constant grind of MMA can be difficult for anyone, and it can be only a matter of time before fighters lose their passion.  Maybe this inactivity has allowed Griffin to rededicate himself to the sport he once loved, which could pay out in dividends the next time he fights.

Griffin was last seen in the UFC when he took on Bart Palaszewski, which ended with Bart getting the KO.  This was back in October 29, 2011, which makes it almost a year since Griffin has competed in mma.

It will be interesting to see where Griffin goes from here, but it appears that he is having fun again.  Mixed martial arts is a tough sport, and fighters like Griffin should be able to have fun with their work.  It makes their training more enjoyable and they can simply be in the moment.

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