Dana White’s Surgery Delayed until Next Year

Ron Chenoy – US Presswire

UFC president Dana White had originally announced that he would be taking a short period of time off for a surgery to correct his Meniere’s disease after the UFC 153 show on October 13. However, that is apparently no longer the case; White told MMAFighting yesterday, “My schedule and the doctor’s didn’t line up.” He is now expected to complete the procedure sometime in January of next year.

White explained the various types of procedures patents in his situation generally need during an interview with HDNet, saying,

“The surgery, they go in and they basically cut the nerve. So you have to learn to walk again. You have to go through serious rehabilitation. You have to learn how to do everything again. But I’m willing to have that done. I’ll go in, I’ll go hardcore rehab for the next three weeks. I’m a special case in that the surgery makes sense for me, whereas it might not for other people my age.”

Fortunately, a slightly less invasive version of the surgery – one that requires somewhat less extensive rehab and a shorter recovery period – is also an option. It is that version that White plans to have done.

White has struggled with Meniere’s disease for some time; it forced him to miss the UFC on Fuel TV 3 show last May, the only UFC event he has not personally attended. The condition can cause such symptoms as severe vertigo, painful ear pressure, intermittent hearing difficulty and feelings of dizziness and spinning. Meniere’s can become debilitating in severe cases.

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