UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Open to Dating a “Fat Guy”

By Caleb McAllister
Rafael Suanes – US Presswire

UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer completed a Men’s Fitness interview recently in which she talked about her preferences when it comes to dating – and what were her best and worst dating experiences in the past. Palmer’s fans will likely find all of her responses interesting, but perhaps the most intriguing point she made was in response to the question: would she prefer to date someone who was fat, but funny, or someone who is in shape, but boring? Palmer promptly stated her preference for the former, and added that that actually described one of her longest-lasting past relationships.

She emphasized this point during a different question, about her favorite personality trait in a potential date. Her answer: “if he could make me laugh.” Her least favorite trait, she said, is a date who refuses to talk about anything but himself.

In regards to appearance, Palmer says she prefers individuals who are “clean cut, but edgy. You know they have their own identity I guess. They don’t dress like everyone else, but very clean and fitted. Nothing too tight or too baggy, and nice hair.  Worst would be baggy pants with matching hat that matches your shoes, and like a big shirt. That whole thug look.”

Finally, if you do happen to spend time with Palmer, she is not going to be impressed by crass or vulgar compliments. Instead, she might take notice if you mention her personality or her artwork.

In addition to her work as a UFC ring girl, Palmer is an accomplished martial artist and dancer. She is currently a student at the UCLA art school, with hopes of continuing to develop her art career.

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