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TUF 16: This isn’t going so well

Dana White UFC

Ron Chenoy-US Presswire

I suppose Dana White has more reason to think ill of Roy Nelson and to an extent Shane Carwin. Dana White has never been one to speak of Nelson in high regard. Now with lack luster performances in this season of TUF, White may find it even harder to like Nelson.

From what I’ve seen, this season of TUF is anything less than spectacular. To be honest I’m not a fan of any sort of reality show and rarely do I find myself investing any time in them. TUF is really no different from any other reality show to me. I would say 80% of it is filler that just adds a dramatic affect that we apparently can’t get enough of. The rest is about the actual fighting. When I tune in to watch a reality show about young hungry fighters given a golden opportunity, I want every fight to be nothing short of remarkable.  Ok, maybe that’s asking too much. I can’t expect every fight to be a testosterone fueled, bloody mêlée. But I just don’t get the feeling the fighters this season haven’t given it their full potential.

Last Friday’s episode of TUF seems to be the talk of the town.  Too bad nobody is really saying anything nice, especially White. The last fight between Matt Sector (Carwin) and Michael Hill (Nelson) was a snoozer. All but a few punches were thrown and the rest of the fight uneventfully played out on the ground, the winner Hill by a split decision.

White was quite vocal about the fighter’s lack of a fight along with the judging.

That first round would probably have to go down as one of the [expletive deleted] rounds in TUF history. One punch was thrown by each guy and then a bunch of laying around. The first round, maybe they didn’t hear me say, “This is 2 five-minute rounds.” This is a fight! You’ve got two fucking rounds to win this fight!”

Then White went on to condemn the judging.

“That is [expletive deleted] beyond comprehension. The judges handed me the piece of paper and I’m like, “You gotta be [expletive deleted] kidding me.” If that doesn’t keep someone from judging ever again, nothing should. I had a hard time walking up there and reading the score. Even the blue team is pissed about the outcome of the fight! The Nevada State Athletic Commission should be embarrassed. No matter what side of this decision you’re on it’s bad.”

It’s no secret as to how White feels about this season of TUF. In essence this has been a very boring season with very boring fights and fighters. White fears this season will not produce a good prospect for the UFC and he has every reason to be fearful. But like any reality show, it’s luck of the draw.  This season’s crop of fighters is simply not that interesting or talented. Never the less there’s still time for production to mix things up and for the fighters to deliver. And like any reality show there’s always the chance for the unexpected to change the course of this season.