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Georges St. Pierre: Knee Injury was a Blessing in Disguise

Mark J. Rebilas – US Presswire

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has been out of competition ever since he defeated Jake Shields by unanimous decision at UFC 129 in April of 2011. A serious knee injury left him unable to train until recently. As he prepares to return to competition against Carlos Condit at UFC 137 on November 17, however, he says that he feels in a way that the injury was actually beneficial to his career.

During an interview with The Calgary Herald, St. Pierre said,

“This injury was a negative thing in the beginning, but it became a positive thing at the end because it allowed me to correct my training and make it better and improve it.”

St. Pierre said that he rarely took time off before his injury and continually pushed himself as hard as possible in training – sometimes to such a degree that he was more vulnerable to injuries. The problem with his knee, however, has forced him to learn how to trainer smarter rather than harder. As a result, he feels his training has become both more effective and more enjoyable.

St. Pierre currently holds a mixed martial arts record of 22 wins with only 2 losses. He has not lost in nine straight fights, since April of 2007. Nonetheless, he will find himself confronted with an extremely challenging opponent in Condit, the interim welterweight champion. Condit’s record stands at 28-5, and he is currently on a five-fight win streak. His last victory was a unanimous decision over the always dangerous Nick Diaz at UFC 143 in February of this year.