TUF 16: Episode 9 “Betrayal” Recap



Last night’s episode of TUF went pleasantly smooth. After a series of episodes with boring fights, drunken antics, biting, poor judging and one pissed off Dana White.  Last night’s episode was standard, quiet, but it was about fighting.

The episode began with a quick recap of last week. The biggest controversy of last week was over James Chaney biting John Manley, in an attempt to escape a guillotine. Chaney and White had a brief sit down. Chaney apologized to White. White said what Chaney did was despicable and disgusting. Interestingly enough, White told Chaney that he could’ve said he was fixing his mouth guard and not biting his opponent. I really doubt White was condoning biting and lying in this sport. I’m guessing that was taken out of context because of quick editing. Who knows, that may actually come back to bite White in the ass later. White accepted Chaney’s apology.

Meanwhile back in the house, Julian Lane was at it again, venting more frustrations with Colton Smith. Lane and Colton exchanged a few words, regarding Colton’s military service and once again Lane lost it momentarily. Fortunately, Lane was calmed down and his temper tantrum was averted.

The focus of the show was getting Dom Waters of team Roy Nelson against Mike Ricci of team Shane Carwin to fight. Both fighters trained and their coaches gave them some advice. Ricci opened up about growing up and getting into fights. He explained the cycle of getting into one fight leading to more and more fights and the only way he could survive was by learning to fight. Nelson gave his quick two cents, saying Waters had great stand up and power but had weak jujitsu and needed to say outside of Ricci’s range. Carwin said Ricci was the overall technical fighter of the two.

Both fighters weighed in at 170lbs. Now let’s see some action. The first round went to Ricci as he chipped away at Waters. Ricci had the better stand up and he managed to pick apart Waters with accurate kicks and punches. The round went to Ricci. In The second round, Water’s played to his wrestling and took down Ricci a number of times, but it never amounted to anything. While on top of Ricci, Waters slipped up by awkward positioning himself and lost control. Ultimately, the round went to Waters. In the third round both fighters were totally gassed. Ricci remained on top most of the round, never secured anything, but worked more than Waters. The winner by unanimous decision was Ricci .Waters was very humble in his loss.

The fight was one of the best we’ve seen all season. Carwin was pleasantly surprised that the judges finally scored a fight correctly. White, Nelson, and Carwin interviewed the fighters by asking who they wanted to fight next. Ricci said he wanted to fight fellow Canadian, Michael Hill. White paired the two for next week’s matches. Hill expressed a sense of betrayal from his fellow countryman. The other three fights for next week’s quarterfinals are:

Bristol Marunde vs. Neil Magny

Igor Araujo vs. Colton Smith

Joey Rivera vs. Jon Manley

We’ll see what next week’s episode brings.