Carlos Condit Vs Georges St. Pierre: Who will You Favor?

By Ben Leven
Georges St Pierre UFC
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE


With UFC 154 less than a week away, who will you choose for the winner of the main event; Carlos Condit or Georges St. Pierre?

With out a doubt, there is far more substance in this fight than there was with Stephan Bonnar against Anderson Silva. Don’t get me wrong, that fight did have some degree of intrigue, but it was rather contrived as both fighters were paired up at the last minute. This bout between Condit and GSP has so much more riding behind it. We have GSP, one of the greatest fighters in the world going head to head with a very hungry and equally imposing Condit. It’s a fight between one man retaining his glory and another obtaining it. At the end of the day, one of these two fighters will walk away with the UFC Welterweight Championship.

Who do you favor?

I have a protein drink riding on this with a boxing coach I train with. I still have to get back to him with my pick, because both fighters are very capable of winning. Both of these fighters are dangerous and very experienced. Both fighters have a similar fighting style. They both are very fast on their feet and on the ground and set up their moves quiet meticulously. However, Condit’s style is far wilder than GSP’s incredibly accurate style. But, Condit has more reach and is probably going into this fight in much better shape, as GSP is coming from an injury.

For the outcome of this fight, I will ultimately go with GSP. I have more faith in GSP’s all around more technical and controlled style. Yet, Condit is so hungry for this chance to prove he can be the actual Welterweight champ as opposed to being the fighter keeping the spot warm for GSP. Let’s see how this plays out come Saturday.


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