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UFC Hacker Gets a Fitting Punishment



Remember earlier this year when SOPA was in the works? Of course you do. Remember those fearful days when the government was going to take away our internet? There was all that talk about freedom of speech and censorship and etc, etc, etc. “Take away my internet? I would sooner die! How would I download the latest Bears game or UFC event?” In the end, our internet privileges are safe for now. There are many who supported the act and many who opposed it.

One of the more notable opponents was a “hacktivist” group known as UGNazi. Within this group, there was allegedly a brilliant hacker named Cosmo God. Back in January this year, Cosmo God and UGNazi attacked the UFC website because of their support for SOPA.

Now in all fairness to all of you SOPA haters, major corporations, such as UFC, bring in millions in revenue each year to boost our economy. The livelihood of so many UFC employees, including the fighters, depends on them selling their product. Essentially, Zuffa was only supporting a law that would protect their product form petty theft.

According to an article on Wired.com, Cosmo God now has a hefty price to pay for attacking the security of the UFC and other corporations. Cosmo God is prohibited from using the internet without permission from his parole officer until he is 21. Along with this sentence, his only use for the internet is for educational purposes. The kid is only 15, hence why nobody can legally release his name. Thus, with him only being 15, he can’t freely use the internet for another six years.