MMA Vigilante Hero Squad

By Ben Leven

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a group of ideological, misguided MMA fighters. In a little town called Seattle, resides a group of costumed crime fighters called Rain City Super Hero Movement. Leading this group is Seattle’s self appointed guardian, Phoenix Jones.

Jones’s real name is Ben Fodor. Fodor is an accomplished amateur MMA fighter and the brother of Strikeforce fighter, Caros Fodor. After an assailant broke into his car and none of the bystanders did anything about it, Fodor knew it was up to him to take the law into his hands. From that day forward, Fodor formed a group of masked, neighborhood crime fighters. Eh, there have been worse origin stories.

Fodor has had a number of crime fighting adventures, his most recent one involved him fighting a drunkard, vandalizing a car. You can see the video and article respectively, at

In the video, Fodor overwhelms the fighter with quick foot work and a barrage of jabs and low roundhouse kicks. These fighting techniques are the bread and butter of any good MMA fighter. The police in the video, who witnessed the fight, simply don’t do anything but watch. Hell I would love to watch a street fight between a drunk and an outlandishly dressed cage fighter. But as police officers, shouldn’t it be their duty to prevent such lunacy from happening?

In Seattle, there is a municipal code that essentially allows street fighting. The law allows two consenting individuals to engage in mutual combat.  I wish I was making this up.

Fodor has an impressive record of 11-0; he is a very talented fighter. He’s got a solid stand up game, decent ground work, and physically, he’s a beast. He has the potential to be a successful pro and having a brother already in the industry doesn’t hurt.

Because of Fodor’s vigilante antics, he has lost his day job and has a family to support. I respect his passion for helping others and having the balls to regularly diffuse confrontations. But I fear, as a young, talented and well connected MMA fighter, Fodor is throwing away a rare opportunity and his life.

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