Cote vs. Sakara: Bad call Ref

Patrick Cote UFC

Patrick Cote (left) Alessio Sakara (right)


The fight between Patrick Cote and Alessio Sakara was short, sweet and will happen again. The fight lasted less than two minutes as the burly; Sakara dropped Cote with an elbow across the face. It should’ve ended there, or at least Sakara should’ve been wiser with his next choice of moves. No doubt, the adrenaline coursing though Sakara’s veins overwhelmed the Italian and he delivered roughly seven hammer fist to the back of Cote’s head.

The referee called the fight and Sakara thought himself the victor as the Canadian audience booed in discontent. However, the booing became cheering as Sakara was disqualified for those illegal shots. Although it was not his proudest victory, Cote was happy none the less. As for Sakara, the only explanation he gave; was that he was caught up in the moment. Being a gentleman, Sakara apologized to the viewers.

Dana White said there will be a rematch, but White also expressed his disappointment in the refereeing for that fight.

“That was a horrible, horrible job done by the referee. It’s mind blowing how he could stand there and watch that many punches in the back of someone’s head. It’s crazy.”

                Indeed. It was careless of referee Dan Miragliotta. At the end of the day it was a lousy call and an exciting fight, albeit very hort. The ref made a huge blunder, but to be fair, the UFC is very good about stopping fights before they escalate into anything catastrophic. So all we can do now is patiently wait for the rematch.


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