George St. Pierre Wins War With Carlos Condit

By Jeremy Green
George St. Pierre UFC
Eric Bolte-US Presswire

George St. Pierre was coming into UFC154 with a tremendous amount of pressure.  He had been out of action for nearly a year and a half, and it was interesting to see if he could compete at the highest level in the welterweight division.

Well, it was a barn burner of a fight, but GSP ultimately got the decision nod against the always durable Carlos Condit.  The first round saw GSP control the ground portion of the fight, utilizing his dynamic guard passing abilities.  In the third, Condit would land a devastating head kick that rocked GSP, sending him to the canvas as Condit swarmed him.  GSP would persevere and regain control.

He would dominate the rest of the rounds, showing his durability and ability to come back from the face of adversity.  He utilized a great wrestling attack, which is the stand for a GSP fight.  GSP showed what it means to be a champion.  Despite all of the pressure surrounding him, he performed against one of his toughest opponents to date.  Congrats to Condit for bringing the fight to GSP; he can only go up from here.

Now the question remains.  Will he fight Anderson Silva?  Joe Rogan would ask GSP about the potential super fight, but George would respond by saying he will have to talk to his team and management in order to decide what’s best for his career.  Regardless of who he faces, he cemented his status yet again as being the best 170lb fighter on the planet.  Whether it is Johny Hendricks or Anderson Silva, GSP showed what it means to be a champion tonight in Montreal, Canada.  Congrats Mr. St. Pierre.

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