Georges St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit: Everything and More


Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

The greatest, undisputed, welterweight champion of all time, walks away from a battle; and it is still Georges St. Pierre. I and many others were banking on GSP’s over all well rounded style, to defeat a wild, yet dangerous Carlos Condit. Condit however, fought one of the greatest fighters in the world and went the distance as a bloody warrior. This fight was without a doubt everything we were hoping for and much more.

GSP had answered so many questions for us tonight. After his injury, he wondered if he could still compete, let alone take on one of the top fighters in the UFC. Tonight he proved that not only is he just as strong, but he has many good years ahead of him.

Condit had some questions of his own. Mainly, is he good enough to be the welterweight champion? Obviously not now, but as Joe Rogan said to him after the fight; it’s all a growing experience, and bloodying up the champ will make him a greater fighter.

GSP’s well rounded style allowed him to stay one step ahead of Condit. Every time Condit was ready to fire, GSP hand already landed a shot. Every time Condit threw a kick, GSP blocked, or countered with a takedown or a jab. Every time Condit got on top, GSP reversed or got back up. There was an instance, when Condit’s unpredictability got the upper hand in round 2. After throwing a wild left right, he landed a devastating roundhouse kick, knocking down the champ. GSP has been there before, when Matt Serra did the same to him at UFC 69. But this time, GSP prevailed from this predicament and eventually regained control, taking the fight back on his course.

GSP remained very dominant the rest of the time and ended the five-round fight by landing a flurry of elbows on Condit. The fight was nothing less than spectacular. It was brilliant to see the happy go lucky champ, wage a bloody war with the dark, victory obsessed, Condit. Both fighters fought with the courage and tenacity that makes this sport beautiful.