Johny Hendricks: Please Give this man a Title Shot

By Ben Leven
Johny Hendricks UFC

How many more fighters does this man need to drop before he gets a title shot? Johny Hendricks has the Midas touch of destruction with those powerful hands. Last Saturday night, at UFC 154, Hendricks’s wrecking ball hands brought down Martin Kampmann in just seconds. This marks Hendricks’s fifth consecutive victory. Kampmann, along with the others in the welterweight division, are not scrubs. These are tough fighters and Hendricks just cut through them like a hot knife through butter. Hendricks has no one left, no one left but the welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre.

As it stands, there is no talk of a fight between GSP and Hendricks in the near future. The UFC is more focused on putting together a super fight between GSP and Anderson Silva. From a commercial point of view, this would be a far, far more money making event than Hendricks facing GSP. So I see no reason for the UFC to focus much attention on setting up a title shot for Hendricks any time soon. If I were to ask; which fight would you want to see: Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva or Georges St. Pierre vs. Johnny Hendricks? My guess, on average, would be more people would want to see GSP vs. Anderson Silva.

According to an article on Bleacher Report, Hendricks has put himself on the shelf until he gets a title shot. If I were Hendricks, I would be careful. There have been fighters in the past that wouldn’t play ball and the UFC did not respond kindly. Until Hendricks gets the ok from Dana White, it may be better for him to be patient and do what they say.

Without a doubt, Hendricks has earned his title shot many times over. But the reality is, the UFC has an amazing prospect of a fight between GSP and Silva. But I have faith that the UFC won’t forget about Hendricks. He will get his title shot, not now or any time very soon, but he will get it.


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