Fight of the Week: Jose Canseco vs. Hong Man Choi

By Al Stover

Hello fight fans, I hope you all had a fantastic turkey day. If you’re out trying to get those Black Friday specials, remember to stay safe and be courteous, not only to the workers, but also to your fellow shoppers.

This week’s Fight of the Week may be a bit of an oddball in terms of matchmaking.

In 2009 baseball superstar Jose Canseco would trade in his bat and mitt for shorts and fighting gloves.

Canseco, who holds back belts in karate and taekwondo, made the transition from baseball to mixed martial arts and would compete in the Japanese MMA promotion Dream.

While the promotion could have given him a normal debut match, for whatever reason, they decided to have him compete in their Super Hulk tournament. He would be matched up against the seven-foot tall K-1 kickboxing champion Hong Man Choi at Dream 9.

As “Wild Thing” echoed through the Yokohama Arena, Canseco walked to the ring holding his baseball bat. When the bell rings, Canseco hits Choi with an overhand right before circling him. He continues to move around Choi, getting in a shot before Choi hits him with a knee.

After getting rocked with a jab, Canseco delivers a side kick before moving to the right. He throws another kick, only to fall backwards. Just as Canseco hits the canvas, Choi rushes in and begins a fast ground and pound while Canseco covers up and the referee stops the fight.

Canseco has not fought in MMA since the loss to Choi, however he did go on to defeat Todd Poulton in a celebrity boxing match in November 2009.


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