Nick Diaz Not Impressed With GSP’s Training Methods

Nick Diaz UFC

Kelvin Kuo-US Presswire

UFC welterweight Nick Diaz is apparently not impressed with George St. Pierre and his training methods.  Is this surprising?  Not really; Diaz has always shown disdain for George St. Pierre.  This was clearly evident in a recent video that Diaz would post to Youtube.  In the video, Diaz would say the following:

Nick-”Mister who? From where? Thailand? Karate? Of course.  I don’t give a f**k what he is. I do not give a mothaf**cking f**k. How much money does he make? Does he make Georges St. Pierre money? Does he make Andre Ward, Floyd Mayweather money? Manny Pacquiao money? Does he make Miguel Cotto money? Is a f**ckin’ legitimate serious force to be reckoned with? I f**king highly doubt it. Maybe in kickboxing. What the f**k league is that? Maybe in f**kin….”

In the video, Nick is referring to GSP and his action to hire one of the best fighters in Thailand to come over and train with him to work on his stand up.  Needless to say, Nick Diaz doesn’t think much of it.  Is this a move to garner more attention?  Probably, but it certainly makes for an entertaining Diaz rant, as most of his are.

Diaz is never reserved in speaking his mind, which can also be seen after his fight with B.J. Penn.  Diaz would say that GSP was faking his knee injury and that he was scared to fight him.  For me, Diaz needs to get in the ring as soon as possible because he is a huge pay per view draw.  Regardless of his pre-fight and post-fight antics, Diaz comes to fight and has some of the best boxing and jiu jitsu in the welterweight division.

Will a GSP vs. Nick Diaz fight ever come to fruition?  Hopefully for the fans sake.  Both fighters have been adamant about the fight.  Now it’s left in the hands of Diaz because he will have to win his next fight whoever he faces.  Also, GSP  has his hands full because a potential super fight looms with Anderson Silva and also Johny Hendricks has presented himself as the next number one contender in the division.

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