Hector Camacho dies at 50

By Al Stover
Rafael Suanes – US Presswire

Former boxing champion Hector “El Macho” Camacho died at age 50 after having a heart in San Juan P.R., on Nov. 24.

According to the New York Times, Dr. Ernesto Torres reported that the director of the Centro Medico trauma center said the former boxer had ,”suffered a heart attack shortly after being taken off life support.”

Camacho’s mother Maria Matias flew from New York to Puerto Rico earlier in the week. She agreed to take her son off from life support after Camacho’s three sons came to see him, according to the Huffington Post on Nov. 23.

Camacho, known for his quick hands and flamboyant ring entrances, had been taken to the hospital after being shot in the face while sitting on the passenger’s side of a Ford Mustang, Nov. 20.

According to police statements, another man, Adrian Alberto Mojica Moreno, was shot next to the vehicle after he got out and tried to run from the scene.

Detective Alex Diaz told ESPN that there were nine bags of cocaine in the vehicle, which was registered to Moreno. There was also an additional open bag in the car. Police reports also said that two men fled the scene.

Camacho had a career record of 79-6-3 and held championships in three different weight classes before he retired in 2010. In addition to winning championships, Camacho has had several highlights in his career, including a fifth-round knockout win over boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard.

Outside of the ring, Camacho battled legal issues that resulted from drugs and domestic violence.

Camacho is survived by his mother and three sons.

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