Anderson Silva and GSP Super Fight: The Pros and Cons

By Ben Leven
Anderson Silva UFC

My friends, there is a super fight in our midst. A super fight so epic, that it will make our faces melt by the mere sight of it, a la Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark. The proposed bout between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre is the talk of the town. There are those who are over joy with this looming possibility. Then there are those who don’t think that this fight is such a great idea. Ultimately, I am leaning towards the side of those who want this fight to happen. However, I do see negative repercussions that could make this great idea blow up in the UFC’s faces. Here are some pros and cons for the fight.

The Pros:

                                Where do we begin? Well let’s start with the obvious. A super fight between Silva and GSP could potentially be a legendary fight in the making. Both of these fighters are pound for pound the greatest fighters to ever compete in the UFC. A fight between the two, would decide who the greatest fighter in UFC history is. The revenue generated by this event could be astronomical. When Floyd Mayweather Jr. fought Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, HBO generated 120 million dollars. There was 19 million alone at the gate. Now, a Silva and GSP super fight won’t make that much, MMA is just not that popular yet. But, it could still generate millions and millions in revenue.

Silva is coming close to that point in his career where there may be nothing left but retirement. Silva has traversed every mountain in the UFC, all but GSP. For all the great work Silva has done for the sport of MMA, he deserves this chance to truly prove that he is the undisputed. By the same token, GSP deserves the same recognition, but there’s still a fair amount of time left in his career.

The Cons:

                                There are two sides to every coin, balance if you will, in every circumstance. While the idea of a super fight is enticing, it still holds some negative aspects. Let’s start with this. There is a strong possibility that this will be a very one sided and boring fight. There is a twenty pound and four inch height difference between the two. I realize they would match the fighters at the same weight, but there is still a significant difference in Silva’s favor.

If this fight becomes a reality, they would need to wait an appropriate amount of time for set up and hype. In that time, GSP may not take as many fights, or any title defenses. For up and coming welterweights, such as Johny Hendricks, they would have wait months for a title shot.

The other concern being, GSP may not be ready for this fight in time. Silva is very healthy now. GSP is not 100%, he’s still strong, but he’s recovering from a serious injury. GSP proved that he’s still strong by defeating Carlos Condit last week, but the fight was a hard fought and no cake walk for the champ. Condit is good and the same height as Silva, but Silva is on a whole different skill level than Condit.

As I mentioned, I would love to see this fight happen in my life time and many others will to. I believe the positive outcomes outweigh the negatives, but we can’t ignore those negatives. Let us see what the UFC plans to do with these phenomenal fighters.


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