Maldonado Took a Valuable Beating

By Ben Leven
Fabio Maldonado UFC
Rafael Suanes-US Presswire


Everyone takes a beating now and again.  Mixed martial artist take beatings on a regular basis, but they make a decent living from it. The UFC often rewards its fighters with bonuses if they have an outstanding fight. So it must have been quite a surprise to Fabio Maldonado, when he was allegedly given extra earnings, despite his loss at UFC 153

According to an article written by Ariel Helwani; Maldonado had this to say about his pay out:

                “This is a good or bad news. I just got a check in the mail from UFC, and I would like to share with friends and fans that for the fourth time, even getting my ass whooped like I had last fight, the UFC sent me more money than I would get if I had won the fights. Thanks Dana [White], Lorenzo [Fertitta], Joe Silva.”

With all due respect Mr. Maldonado, you got your ass kicked by the brutal Glover Teixeira. But my god, did you take that beating like a man.  There must have been several instances when the fight should’ve ended with your face flat on the canvas. But I guess it was go hard or go home.

It’s not unheard of that Maldonado got a good pay out. Even if it was a one sided fight, it was also very entertaining. Much of the entertainment value was contributed by Maldonado’s heart and hard head.

Let’s also remember that the result of his savage beating is a 180-day medical suspension. It is possible for Maldonado to return sooner if he shows physical improvement. Six months is a lot of time that is lost on fighting. One could say that his additional earnings could be compensation for the time he stands to lose. It’s only fair. The man almost got himself killed in that cage.

Some fight fans and fighters believe strongly that the UFC does not take good care of their fighters. But I believe that this good fortune bestowed upon Maldonado; it is a good example that the UFC does care for their fighters.



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