UFC Featherweight News: Darren Elkins Wants Chang Sung Jung

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Darren Elkins UFC
Eric Bolte-US Presswire

Darren Elkins has risen to the top of the featherweight division, and he is continuing his dreams at being a UFC champion.  Elkins is coming off a dominating performance against Steven Siler, which was his fourth straight victory in the featherweight division.

In a recent interview with Steph Daniels at MMAMania.com, Elkins explained his plans for the future and also shed some light on a potential bout with Chang Sung Jung, who has also been a rising star in the featherweight division.

He’s definitely tough, and won’t be an easy opponent to beat, but I’m up for the task. I want to see how I do against a guy like him. He’s been smashing some pretty tough opponents and I definitely feel he deserves the hype.

This fight makes sense for both fighters.  Jung underwent shoulder surgery back in July after defeating the rising prospect Dustin Poirier.  Darren and Jung are both without opponents, and the winner of this potential fight certainly makes the case at challenging for the belt.

Darren, one of the best wrestlers in the division, certainly could pose significant problems to Jung.  Elkins has a grinding style that often leaves opponents exhausted after the first round, and it would be interesting to see if he could do the same to Jung.  Elkins is also a competent grappler, who could thwart the submission attempts from Jung if the fight hits the ground.

In terms of relevancy, this fight makes a lot of since in the featherweight division, which is currently being reigned by Jose Aldo.  Both are without opponents and both have built up some momentum.  Elkins would go on to say:

  “I think I’m going to be stronger than him. I’m pretty big, and I’m stronger than everyone I fight at 145. I definitely think I’ll have the strength advantage. Other than that, I’ll need to mix it up. I’ve got to keep him guessing. That’s another tool I’m going to have to use in that fight, keeping him on his toes.”

Win or loose, both fighters bring the fight to their opponents, which should make for an all out war if this match up is indeed booked by Joe Silva.