UFC Welterweight News: Dan Hardy Wants Diego Sanchez

By Jeremy Green
Dan Hardy UFC
Ron Chenoy-US Presswire

UFC welterweight fighter Dan Hardy has voiced his opinions about a potential Diego Sanchez bout, a fight that he thinks would be fun and entertaining. In a recent interview with ESPN.co.uk, Hardy spoke about what awaits him next in the welterweight division.

“Diego Sanchez would be great. The guy’s hilarious, I can’t take him seriously. I think a fight with him would be a lot of fun, why not? I’ll be doubled-up from laughter if he’s doing [the YES chant]. Especially if he comes out to the Mariachi music – because that’s just fantastic. It’s like a circus, like a festival.”

Both fighters are currently without opponents and their styles would make for an interesting fight. Hardy, a well-versed kickboxing fighter, would certainly test the skills of Diego standing, but would Hardy be able to thwart off the take down attempts from Diego?

Hardy has been working out with one of the best take-down artist in the game in Georges St-Pierre, so this can only help him progress as a mixed martial artist. Hardy is currently on a two-fight winning streak over some tough opponents in Duane Ludwig and Amir Sadollah. A win over Sanchez would be a huge feather in Hardy’s cap and would legitimize his new and improved wrestling skills.

Sanchez is coming off a tough fight against Jake Ellenberger. He is currently without an opponent, so the timeline for a Dan Hardy fight would be fitting. Sanchez is known for his heart and willingness to take punishment in order to dish it out, and a win over Hardy would put him right back in the win column.

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