Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva Super Fight Should be at a Catchweight

By Ben Leven
Anderson Silva UFC
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Here we are once again with another possible road block for the Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre super fight. Last Sunday night, GSP gave an interview saying he would fight Silva, but not on Silva’s terms. Essentially, GSP wants Silva to fight at 170lbs. GSP noted during the interview the significant weight difference between the two. At their regular weights, GSP walks around at 188lbs while Silva walks around 234lbs, approximately, there’s a 46-lb weight difference. I believe that this weight predicament poses a potential road block for a super fight.

But there is an easy solution.

GSP clearly stated he would fight Silva at 170lbs, because of the weight advantage he has. Silva’s conditioning coach, Rogerio Camoes voiced his opinion on the matter.

It would be a crime for Anderson to try and fight at 77kg. He could maybe make the weight but the physical loss that he would suffer would be too much. We have to respect St. Pierre, who besides being a great fighter is a monster physically. The Canadian would get a considerable conditioning advantage if they fought at welterweight division limits.”

Camoes told MMA Junkie that 176lbs would be ideal for the fight. There is probably no way for these two to fight unless it’s at a catchweight. Silva dropping roughly 10lbs as opposed to 15lbs is physically reasonable.

Let’s look at Silva’s physique; he does not have a lot of body fat. Silva does not have that big of muscles either, he totes a wiry frame. He’s long, lean, but very strong. GSP is considerably short for a welterweight, not unreasonably, but still short. But what GSP lacks in height, he makes up for in muscle weight. At UFC 154, it was noted that he had never been that muscular before in his career.

Camoes has a great point. Silva fighting in GSP’s weight realm would be unfair. It’s GSP’s world not Silva’s; GSP would be at an advantage. It seems only logical to put both fighters in a weight class where neither one would have a significant advantage. If push comes to shove, then it would only mean GSP would have to add a few more pounds of muscle.

But is GSP willing to add a few more pounds to his already muscular frame?  Adding more weight, whether it be muscle or fat, would slow GSP down. But it is possible to add more muscle while maintaining speed. It wouldn’t be that hard of a feat to accomplish. Making this a catchweight fight is the only way to have this as fair as possible for both men.


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