Sara McMann: UFC contract ‘in the works’

By Al Stover
Tracy Lee-Invicta FC

With Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey (6-0) coming to the UFC and becoming the first champion of their women’s division, it only seems fitting that the other women fighters in Strikeforce will be heading to the octagon.

One fighter who is expected to make the move to the UFC is Silver medalist Sara McMann (6-0).

McMann gained the attention of the MMA world after defeating veteran Shayna Baszler by decision at Invicta FC 2 back in July.  She signed with Strikeforce in September and was expected to make her debut against former title contender Liz Carmouche in November until an injury forced her to pull out of the fight.

McMann recently appeared on “Inside MMA” where she said that while she was not really allowed to talk about it, her manager told her that a deal is currently in the works.

If McMann were to head to the UFC, there would several fans who would like to see McMann face against Rousey, whose judo and grappling would be a great test against McMann’s wrestling ability.

In the same interview, McMann said they she understands that there needs to be a build-up to a fight between her and the champion.

“People don’t really know me that well. They know her. So, it just doesn’t make sense, really, to have it without a strong following for me, too.”

As much as I would like to see McMann go toe-to-toe against the champion, I agree with her in that she should have a couple of more fights under her belt and gain a stronger following before she gets a title shot whether she fights Rousey or someone else for the UFC gold.

I think if McMann does make her UFC debut, they should go with the original plan and have her face Liz Carmouche or even a former Strikeforce champion like Sarah Kaufman or Miesha Tate.

By beating any one of these fighters, McMann would quickly rise to one of the top contenders in the women’s divison.


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