Michael Bisping: "Vitor gasses quickly"

By Jeremy Green
Michael Bisping UFC
Tom Szczerbowski-US Presswire

UFC middleweight contender Michael Bisping is ready for his title shot, and many MMA fans think he deserves it as well.  A win over Vitor Belfort certainly puts him in the driver’s seat, granting him access to fight Anderson Silva when he decides to at middleweight again.

While Bisping has made a case at challenging for the belt, winning five out of his last six bouts, he needs to stay focused on Belfort.  In a recent interview with Dave Meltzer at MMAFighting.com, Bisping shared his thoughts about his opponent and what awaits him next if he wins.

“I’m concerned that I’ve got my hands full. It’s not going to be easy. We’re fighting in Brazil. He hits hard. But I think I’ll weather the storm and he’ll become a punching bag.”

Belfort has shown in numerous fights that he fades after the first round, so maybe Bisping is on to something.  However, he can’t get cocky with a guy that can end the fight with one punch.  Look at what happened to Bisping when he faced Dan Henderson.  Bisping failed to circle to the right on numerous occasions which resulted in Henderson landing a devastating overhand right that has been one of most viewed knockouts in MMA history.

Any mental lapses for Bisping could result in the same thing against Belfort if he is not careful.  If Bisping successfully weathers the infamous Belfort storm, then he has a great shot to use his cardio, which is some of the best in all of the UFC.  Also, his grappling and underrated wrestling skills may come to play in this fight, so fans should expect a dynamic attack from Bisping.

Sure, Bisping has been a controversial fighter in his career, spitting on Jorge Rivera’s corner men and partaking in some other unsavory acts, but beating Belfort will certainly be a career defining moment.  With a Bisping victory, it is no doubt that he should be next to fight for the 185lb title.

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