Johny Hendricks: Man of Conviction

By Ben Leven
Johny Hendricks UFC
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

A man who has nothing left to prove gets a sense of entitlement. When a man feels he’s entitled, he’ll say and do what he pleases until he gets what he deserves. After all, who will question his ability? By all rights, Johny Hendricks deserves a shot at Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight title. Hendricks believes he deserves it, I believe he deserves it and his fans believe it to. But right now, the head honchos don’t believe it and so Hendricks finds himself a victim of circumstance. The result being, Hendricks defiantly refuses to fight until he gets what he wants.

Hendricks has been very vocal about putting himself on the shelf if he doesn’t get a title shot soon. Hendricks even gave an interview on MMA Junkie Radio, expressing his discontent. To read the article and listen to the interview, respectively, click on this link.

Here are a couple quotes from the interview that I think are important:

“I’m not going to fight unless it’s for a belt. Nothing else matters but that belt.”

                “I really want a belt. They don’t come around that often and I feel like I’ve done enough to earn a shot, and that’s pretty much all I’m thinking about right now.”

You have to respect a man who has made up his mind about something. Many of us go through life seeing things with shades of gray, never 100% behind decisions we consider. Hendricks knows what he wants and by putting himself on the shelf for possibly a year is a huge risk. Is it a wise career move? No. Is it a bold career move? Yes. With bold choices come the possibilities of bold outcomes. It’s not likely, but the UFC may honor his request.


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