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Top Ten Fights to Watch in December

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Ten Fights to watch in December

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Hello folks and welcome to December 2012, the feared doomsday month. Go ahead; insert your favorite apocalyptic 2012 scenario right here on the dotted line:………………………………………. Now I’m certainly not one to believe that an ancient civilization could foresee Armageddon occurring this month. But if there’s one thing worth foreseeing this December; it’s a plentiful bounty of exciting MMA fights. This has been interesting year for MMA. We’ve seen the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows. We saw Strikeforce finally collapse under the pressure of mismanagement. But where we saw that door close, we saw another open. The UFC now will proudly feature a female division, along with new talented fighters from Strikeforce. This year seemed to be plagued by injury after injury and cancellation after cancellation. However, despite this fact, this year held many unbelievable and unforgettable fights. They were the kind of fights that activated our adrenal glands to the tenth degree. They were the kind of fights that made you proud to see just how far this sport has come. There were many downfalls we’ve seen, but we’ve had the privilege to bear witness to triumph and redemption. And now as this year draws to a close, the sport of MMA has a bundle of great fights for us to enjoy this holiday season. We certainly can expect to see. Here is a list of top ten fights that are a must see this month in December. There is a bevy of fights this December and I’m sorry if I missed some that you think are worth seeing. If you have a fight that you think is a must watch this month, please comment.

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Benson Henderson VS Nate Diaz


Benson Henderson and Nate Diaz, there is interesting contrast behind these fighters. Henderson is a bit of a boy scout. Henderson is a clean, straight arrow, Christian boy. Diaz is kind of a rebel of the sport, flipping the odd bird here and there. Despite their personal contrast, there styles are quiet similar. Both fighters tend to favor stand up, but are still experienced as ground fighters. Diaz recently got his black belt in BJJ under Caesar Gracie. Henderson, aside from being a black belt holder in Tae Kwon Do, is a very accomplished wrestler. Henderson has very strong legs and fast kicks, but now and again, has a hard time landing them against especially faster opponents. Despite both fighters having solid grappling skills, I see this fight staying on their feet. This is going to be a solid fight, that I can see going both ways. You can catch this fight Saturday, December 8th on FOX.

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Cain Valesquez VS Junior Dos Santos


If there ever was a fight that has been shelved for the longest time, it would be this one. When we first got a taste of these two juggernauts colliding, we didn’t get that long to savor it. Rewind, to last year, Dos Santos dropped Velasquez in 64 seconds, becoming the UFC heavyweight champion. Despite the fight having one of the most electrifying victories, it is often sited as the reason why there has been a decline in ratings on UFC on FOX. Hopefully, this time around, the fight will play out longer and more epically. Both of these fighters are good at constantly keeping the pressure on their opponents, never giving them room for respiration and recovery. Dos Santos has hands that break apart fighters, piece by piece. Velasquez on the other hand, has great wrestling coupled with effective ground and pound technique, defeating notable former NCAA Division I wrestler and UFC champ, Brock Lesnar. But can Velasquez stand up to Dos Santos’s destructive mitts? Can he once again prove he’s the top dog in the UFC? Tune in on December 29th, at UFC 155.

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Ross Pearson VS George Sotiropoulous

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

It’s a battle of the nations, between the UK and Australia. Both of these fighters are head coaches on the show The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashers. George Sotiropoulous, coaching for Australia and Ross Pearson, respectively coaches the UK team. It should be a very interesting fight to witness indeed. While neither of these UFC fighters are house hold names yet, this fight should be just the right stepping stone in that direction. Pearson has a solid stand up game, it could use some fine tuning, and Sotiropolous is quiet effective on the ground. These are both solid fighters who deserve more mainstream exposure. Come December 15, on UFC on FX, let’s see if these two fighters can really make a name for themselves.

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Matt Mitrione VS Roy Nelson

Mark J. Rebillas-US PRESSWIRE

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m incredibly excited about this fight, between Roy Nelson and Matt Mitrione. While I know most of you were disappointed to not see this season’s Ultimate Fighter coaches settle their disputes, I am really looking forward to this. Both fighters are former contestants of TUF, so this should make for an interesting reunion. As we all know, Shane Carwin suffered a knee injury, forcing him out of the fight. Mitrione was called in as a last minute replacement to face Nelson, at the season finale. On an interview with Ariel Helwani, Mitrione elaborated on taking this fight on somewhat short notice. Mitrione understands Dana White is a promoter and it is his job to make fights happen. Mitrione doesn’t seem mind to oblige for White. Both of these fighters are pretty solid all around. Mitrione is a heavy hitter, but Nelson has never been one to shy away from a hard hit to the face. All in all this will be an awesome fight and I believe Mitrione will be an excellent substitute for Carwin. You can catch these two fighters collide on December 15, on the TUF season finale on FX.

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Richard Hale VS Alexander Volkov


The heavyweight, tournament bracket will be finalized at Bellator 84. The fight will be between Richard Hale and Alexander Volkov should be an interesting one. I’m going to be honest, I am not the biggest Bellator fan, but I give it a chance now and then. Bellator does have some very good talent, especially with these two heavy weight fighters. Volkov is very dangerous on his feet, very quick and accurate for a heavyweight. Hale is massive and built like a line backer. The top of Volkov’s head practically touches the clouds, being 6’7. Hale is a heavier hitter, but Volkov I think, is the faster and more accurate. It only takes a few accurate strikes to put the strongest men down. Hale needs to get Volkov to the ground and avoid standing with him. To see these two giants fight on December 14th, tune in to MTV2.

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Alan Belcher VS Yushin Okami

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

It’s a rematch that’s six years in the making. A lot has changed since these two last met. Yushin Okami has racked up a good track record and improved on his technicality. Alan Belcher has been crushing the competition. While I favor Okami as the more technical of the two, I would have to say that Belcher has found a way of laying out destruction in his path with wild kicks and punches. It’s been roughly six years since these two marvelous fighters and you can catch them at on December 29th, at UFC 155.

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Tim Boetsch VS Costa Philippou

Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

This fight was scheduled for Tim Boetsch to face off against Chris Weidman, but Weidman was forced out because of an injury. The UFC however did find a suitable replacement, Costa Philippou. It’s battle between a powerful Greek Warrior and a savagely strong Barbarian. Boetsch’s power and ferocity is outstanding, but don’t count out Philippou as he shows a consistency with his boxing. You can catch this fight at on December 29, at UFC 155.

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Phil Davis VS Forrest Griffin

Mark J. Rebillas-US PRESSWIRE

This is by far, to be one of the most epic fights of the year; Forrest Griffin and Phil Davis fight at UFC 155. Griffin now is a veteran of the UFC and is still a strong and hardnosed as ever. Davis is phenomenally athletic. It’s been a while since Griffin has stepped in the ring, defeating UFC legend Tito Ortiz. Davis however, has just fought a few months ago, demolishing Wagner Prado. It’s going to be a tough call. Davis is younger, stronger and more athletic. Griffin is the seasoned vet, who looks like he wouldn’t mind dying in that ring, as long as it was a good fight.

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Scott Jorgensen VS John Albert

Mark J. Rebillas-US PRESSWIRE

This fight also has potential to be one of the top fights of the year. Both Scott Jorgensen and John Albert have great speed and control on their feet, however I see far more ground game strength in Jorgensen. It should also be noted that both of these fighters are coming off two losses, implying a possible decline in their careers. Whichever of these two fighters can win could mark the ending for the loser. I will have to favor Jorgensen over Albert, as Jorgensen is the more experienced of the two and

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Rory MacDonald VS BJ Penn


I have saved the best for last, BJ Penn against Rory MacDonald. Penn has had a rough couple of fights in the last year and half. However, Penn is back after a loss against Nick Diaz and looking in prime physical fitness. But will that be enough to take out the rising prodigy, MacDonald? They say Penn is a prodigy, but Macdonald has already accomplished so much in the UFC at such a young age. After this fight, we will see who truly the prodigy of the sport is. If Macdonald can score a victory, it will launch him into superstardom. If Penn is looking to secure his reputation, then he needs to take this fight to where he is the most dangerous, the ground. Despite being in great shape, MacDonald being a decade younger than Penn may have a bit more gas. This will truly be a fight of the ages, the return of the veteran against a rising, prodigal terror.