UFC News: Gilbert Melendez Considering Drop To Featherweight

By Jeremy Green
Gilbert Melendez UFC
Kyle Terada-US Presswire

Current Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez is considering a drop down to the featherweight division when he debuts in the UFC.  This news comes from Cesar Gracie, who trains fighters such as Gil, Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, and Jake Shields.

This move will predicate on whether Nate is successful at dethroning the current UFC lightweight champ Ben Henderson.  If Nate does capture UFC gold, then Gilbert has said on numerous occasions that he would never fight Nate Diaz; a fighter who he considers a brother.

A move to featherweight seems like the most appropriate move for Melendez.  He will be able to challenge fighters such as Jose Aldo, who is the current featherweight champ, and Frankie Edgar.

Both fights would be entertaining, and Melendez would certainly have the size advantage.  Also, Melendez is one of the best wrestlers in the lightweight division  so it will be interesting to see how he stacks up if matched up against Frankie Edgar.

Jose Aldo currently is set to challenge Frankie Edgar for the featherweight title, so that would give Gil enough time to make the trip down to the 145lb division safely.  This would be ideal because it wouldn’t tarnish his skills, and he would still have the cardio to fight championship level rounds.

First things first, however, as Nate Diaz will need to get past Ben Henderson, which takes place this weekend on Fox Networks.  Henderson presents many challenges for Nate, so Gil will have to wait in anticipation to see what his next move is under the UFC banner.

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