20 Craziest UFC Moments Of 2012

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UFC 2012 Crazy Moments

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2012 was a year for the UFC that was full of moments. Just like any year, fight fans come to expect great fights, and Dana White has done his best to deliver them. There were some fantastic match ups this year that truly displayed what it means to be a mixed martial artist. Fights like Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez and Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz were all great fights in terms of action.

There were numerous title bouts contended for, which showcased the heart of both champion and challenger. Fans saw Anderson Silva defend his belt against Chael Sonnen. Ben Henderson was able to defend his belt successfully against Frankie Edgar. Also, Jon Jones continued his dominance throughout the light heavyweight division, defeating the likes of Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort.

Also, there were some amazing come back in the year of 2012. Fans saw fighters like Tim Boetsch and Yushin Okami square off for three rounds, where Tim was able to put on one of the best comeback fights of 2012. This year, the UFC also has some breakout fighters. Fighters like Ben Henderson, Jon Jones, and Junior Dos Santos all were able to have breakout years this year; each displaying what it means to be a champion.

One of the best things about the UFC are the upsets. It's always fun to see a fighter stacked up against the odds; never really given a chance to succeed. Fighters like Tim Boetsch, Cung Le, Ryan Bader, and Jamie Varner all were able to succeed in this category. Be sure to check out the slideshow to see what the craziest moments were of 2012 in the UFC, and be sure to follow me on Twitter @MMA_FORTE

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Ronda Rousey Submits Miesha Tate

Women's MMA

One of the craziest fights in women's mma in 2012 was between Judo Olympian Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, who was the current Strikeforce Bantamweight champion at the time. Coming into this fight, both fighters were vocal and hyped this fight like no other. Ultimately, it was Rousey who secured a devastating armbar on Tate, forcing her to tap after hyperextended her arm. With the win, Rousey made history and became the face of women's mma.

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Matt Wiman Beats Paul Sass At His Own Game


Paul Sass is considered to be one of the best triangle artists in the UFC lightweight division. Coming into his fight with Matt Wiman for UFC on Fuel TV 5, his path to victory was clear; get the fight to the ground. Many felt there was going to be a submission victory, however, nobody thought it was going to be Wiman who would get the better of the grappling portion of the fight. Matt Wiman proved the doubters wrong, and secured a brilliant armbar in the first round, resurrecting his career in the lightweight division. With this victory, he has put his name in the mix in this highly competitive division.

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Jon Fitch Derails The Erick Silva Train

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Coming into UFC 153, Erick Silva had an immense amount of hype behind him. His striking was considered to be some of the best in the welterweight division, and he was expected to do big things against Jon Fitch. However, there is a reason why Jon Fitch is a perennial contender in the division. Fitch derailed Erick Silva, dominating him from the opening bell. Fitch would utilize his wrestling, and would deliver some vicious ground and pound that proved to be too much for Silva. Silva is a great prospect, but Fitch showed why he should be considered one of the best welterweights in the UFC.

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Demian Maia Submits Rick Storry In Devastating Fashion


Demian Maia is considered by many to be the best jiu jitsu practitioners in the game in mma. His transitions and overall grappling control is simply stunning to watch, and it was on full display against Rick Story at UFC 153. This was Maia's second appearance in the welterweight division, and he completely dominated Story, submitted him via rear naked choke. What was amazing about the fight was the way Maia cranked Story's neck, causing blood to spurt out of his nose. It was truly vicious scene, and one that warrants Maia another top contender to fight in the welterweight divison.

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Martin Kampmann Storms Back To Submit Jake Ellenberger


Martin Kampmann is known for his comeback fighting style. Typically, Kampmann will get hurt in a fight and comeback to beat his opponents later in the rounds. This was clearly evident with his fight against Jake Ellenberger at The Ultimate Fighter Season 15 Finale. In the bout, Ellenberger landed some good shots on Kampmann, rocking him at one point. Just when you thought it was over, Kampmann would land a shot of his own, sending Ellenberger backward. Kampmann would go on to win via TKO by way of knees, showcasing why you can never count Martin Kampmann out of a fight.

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Johny Hendricks KO's Martin Kampmann In Dramatic Fashion


There was a lot on the line when Johny Hendricks and Martin Kampmann squared off at UFC 154. Both fighters had previously trained together, which made their fight dynamic even more intriguing. Coming into this fight, it was clear that Hendricks had the power advantage, and this notion certainly held water as Hendricks knocked Kampmann out in under a minute in the first round. Yet again, his vicious left uppercut sealed the deal against Kampmann, which was something no one has ever done up to this point. With this win, Hendricks solidified his status at being the next challenger to George St. Pierre's title.

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Ian McCall Goes To War With Demetrious Johnson

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UFC on FX 3 featured a pivotal flyweight bout between Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson. Both fighters were vying for a chance to move on in the flyweight tournament. The fight was back and forth from the opening bell. Ian showcased a dynamic game of leg kicks and counter punches, giving Demetrious a lot of think about. Johnson would rattle off his own combinations, but the judges ultimately scored it a draw. This decision was very controversial because many felt McCall did enough to warrant a decision, since McCall completely dominated the third round.

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Lyoto Machida KO's Ryan Bader

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Lyoto Machida was coming into his fight with Ryan Bader wanting to make a statement. Machida wanted to erase the bitter taste of defeat that happened when Jon Jones choked him completely unconscious in their title fight. Machida would do just that against Bader at UFC on Fox 4, knocking him unconscious with a right hand in the second round. This win put Machida back in the hunt for the coveted UFC light heavyweight championship. It was a sterling performance by Machida, and was one of the best knockouts of the year.

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Nick Diaz Fails UFC 143 Drug Test


Nick Diaz has been a fighter that is prone to partaking in recreational drugs from time to time. He has gone on record, saying that he uses it as a way to develop new techniques when training. However, no one thought he would fail his drug test with Carlos Condit, since it was a high profile fight and one that would grant him a title shot. He did indeed fail his UFC 143 drug test, testing positive for marijuana. Diaz was then put on suspension, limiting his action inside the cage.

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Jamie Varner Upsets Edson Barboza


Coming into his fight with Edson Barboza, Jamie Varner hadn't fought in the UFC since 2007. Also, Barboza was one of the hottest prospects in the lightweight division at the time, so he had a lot on his plate. Surprisingly, Jamie would stop Edson via TKO in the first round, giving him his biggest win to date and under the biggest stage in mixed martial arts. With this impressive victory, Varner resurrected his career inside the UFC, and he makes for another great addition in the UFC's most competitive divisions.

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Chris Weidman KO's Mark Munoz Via Elbow


Chris Weidman has been one of the hottest prospects in the UFC for some time now. His wrestling is second to none, and his striking has markedly improved throughout the years. Some even say he can give Anderson Silva a run for his money, who is the UFC middleweight champion. Weidman proved his elite status in the middleweight division when he KO’d Mark Munoz and he did it with his elbow of all things. Weidman dominated every aspect of the fight, and capped it off with a beautifully thrown elbow, sending Munoz to the canvas. Looks like Anderson Silva has a new threat to his reign.

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Jose Aldo KO's Chad Mendes Via Knee

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Jose Aldo is one of the pound-for-pound greatest fighters in the UFC. The way he has dominated his featherweight division is remarkable, but many though Chad Mendes would give him a stern test in the wrestling department. They thought wrong. Aldo was able to thwart off the takedown attempts from Mendes, and landed a devastating knee in the first round, ending Mendes’s night for good. After the fight, Aldo stormed off into the crowd and starting cheering with his Brazilian natives; it was quite a sight to behold.

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Ronda Rousey Named First UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion

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Ronda Rousey made waves this year, defeating Sarah Kaufmann via her patented armbar. Rousey was deemed the new face of women's mma and rightfully so. Since the Strikeforce promotion was winding down, Dana White appointed Rousey the first ever UFC women's bantamweight champion. This move is significant for the UFC in many ways. Fans will now be able to see women fight inside the octagon; something that has been a dream for many women who compete in mma. Now, they can start earning a significant amount of money, giving them a chance to provide for their families. It all starts off when Rousey takes on Liz Carmouche, which headlines UFC 157.

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Tim Boetsch Rattles Back And TKO's Yushin Okami

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One of the most memorable fights of 2012 was a bout between Yushin Okami and Tim Boetsch at UFC 144. Yushin Okami was completely dominating this fight, controlling the grappling aspect of the fight for the majority of two rounds. Then came the third round. At a certain point in this round, Boetsch clipped Okami and would go on to rattle off some vicious uppercuts that were thrown at unorthodox angles. The ref was forced to step in, and it was one of the best comebacks of the year, allowing Tim Boetsch to make his case at fighting Anderson Silva for middleweight belt.

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Judging Controversy In Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit Fight


This year, fans witnessed one of the most exciting welterweight bouts in recent memory between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. Coming into this fight, both fighters were fighting for a title shot to face current champ George St. Pierre. The fight was a back and forth war, where Carlos Condit executed a brilliant game plan, landing leg kicks to Nick Diaz and then circling off to the left. Nick Diaz pressed the action in hopes of landing his crisp boxing combinations, but Diaz was only successful several times. The judges ultimately decided to give the nod to Condit, who was granted a title shot soon after. What was the craziest thing about the fight was how much dissention there was between the mma communities. Some felt that Diaz won the fight by pressing the action. Others felt Condit won by utilizing a smart game plan and landing more shots. In the post-fight interview, Diaz would declare himself retired, leaving the mma community in shock!

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Andeson Silva Shoulder Bumps Chael Sonnen At UFC 148 Weigh-Ins

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The rivalry between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen is well documented. Chael avidly talked trash to Anderson and his home country leading up to their rematch for UFC 148. Anderson Silva seemed content to keep his emotions in check during the press conference, but this all changed during the weigh-ins. As Chael was waiting for Silva to stare him into the face, Silva walked right up to him and shoulder bumped the side of Sonnen's face. This is actually the only time I can recall that anyone was touched at a UFC weigh in, which just showed you how angry Silva was with all of Sonnen's antics; the tension was palpable

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Cung Le Stops Rich Franklin In Dramatic Fashion

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One of the most impressive knockouts of 2012 was in the fight between Rich Franklin and Cung Le. Both of these fighters have been staples in mixed martial arts, and both had the power to knockout out any man who stood across from them. This proved to be true as Cung Le delivered an amazing right hook when Franklin failed to dip his head off to the side, sending Franklin to the canvas. Le didn't even have to follow it with punches because Franklin was out before he hit the canvas. It was one of Le's best victories, and one that he certainly could ride off into the sunset on.
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Edson Barboza KO's Terry Etim With Wheelkick

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Edson Barboza has been one of the hottest prospects in the UFC's lightweight division. He has shown a brilliant display of kicks, but all of his other fights paled in comparison to his fight with Terry Etim. In the bout, Edson was measuring out Etim quite nicely and eluding all of Etim's shots. Then the unthinkable happened as Barboza would knockout Etim with a beautifully timed wheel kick. It was quite possibly the best head kick knockout that fans have ever since, and certainly secures Barboza's fate as being one of the most dynamic strikers in the UFC.

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Jon Jones Refuses Fight With Chael Sonnen For UFC 151

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One of the most controversial and craziest moments of 2012 was when Jon Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen, which made Dana White have to cancel the event all together. Jones was originally set to face Dan Henderson, but Henderson suffered a knee injury, forcing him out of the bout. Instead, Chael Sonnen offered to take his place, but Jones refused the fight thanks to the advice of his corner man and trainer Greg Jackson. Jones would then get reprimanded by Dana White and fellow UFC fighters who were on the card. Some fighters were even tweeting about Jones, saying that he should pay their month's rent because they didn't receive a paycheck for their fight. Sure, the backlash of this decision from Jones has subsided, but it certainly drew up a red flag for many fans in terms of Jones's character as a fighter.

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Ben Henderson Becomes New UFC Lightweight Champion

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Frankie Edgar has been one of the greatest UFC lightweight champions that the UFC has ever seen. The way he dominated B.J. Penn in their second meeting and destroying Gray Maynard in their third fights secured his fate as being an all-time great. Many thought Edgar would be able to continue his winning ways when taking on Ben Henderson, but they were wrong. At UFC 144, Henderson did what many had failed to do for so long, defeating Frankie Edgar and becoming the new UFC lightweight champion of the world. In the bout, Henderson landed some viscous land kicks and would take Edgar down on numerous occasions. The turning point in the fight was when Henderson landed a devastating up kick, rocking Edgar near the end of the round. It was a brilliant performance by Henderson, and one that he was able to replicate in their second meeting at UFC 150. There is no doubt that Henderson was the breakout fighter in 2012, and he showed some crazy fighting techniques in all of his fights.

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