Dana White Responds to critics on Headlining Ronda Rousey

By Ben Leven
Ronda Rousey UFC
Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE


There will always be men who make bold choices and there will always be men to question those choices. Dana White, being a promoter and businessman, naturally is bold and decisive. It is these qualities he possesses that have made MMA a house hold name.

Critics have been questioning White on a recent bold decision; making Ronda Rousey VS Liz Carmouche the main event at UFC 157. When I first heard this, I wasn’t overly excited, confused or angry. The first thing that came to my mind was that it makes perfect sense. Thanks to amazing fighters such as Rousey and Carmouche, women’s MMA has flourished. And thanks to White’s promotional resources, women’s MMA will get an abundance of media exposure. If we want the sport of MMA as a whole to succeed, we need to fully secure both demographics. Having a fight with these two sensational female fighters is key to taking this sport even further.

I suppose the criticism was not having female fighters on the UFC 157 card but more for having it as the main event. Some believe that having female fighters on the main card could backfire. White responded to the critics at the TUF finale post conference, putting it simply:

“She’s the champ. You will never see a situation in any fight, whether men, women, the lightest weight division there is, if you’re the champ.”

It really shouldn’t matter what the gender is. A good fight is a good fight. But even if the fight does not match our expectations, we can take solace, knowing that this match is yet another milestone to take MMA in the right direction.   

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