Silva May Have A While Before GSP is Ready to Face Him


Anderson Silva-UFC

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE


I think it’s time now for an Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre superfight update. Fans are still patiently waiting for an official announcement for the date of the superfight. It seems our patience will need to last us a bit longer.

GSP vs. Nick Diaz has already been confirmed for UFC 158. After that, GSP’s next likely opponent will be Johny Hendricks, assuming Hendricks can beat Jake Ellenberger at UFC 158. Dana White has made it clear that Silva is not next in line after Diaz. White believes that GSP has a few more fights to get through, before he can consider Silva. White is certainly confident that these two men will fight, before Silva can gloriously retire.

There are some who are not as excited as others for this fight to happen, based on the notion of skepticism. Both Silva and GSP are extraordinarily skilled, athletic and experienced. The one and most important factor that separates these two is weight. Neither one of these fighters are keen on changing weight classes. GSP is about as big as he can get for his height and Silva would physically sacrifice too much, to drop weight.

White usually can deliver on promises, but having the fight in May, as he originally planned, is unlikely. Regardless, putting together a super fight of this magnitude, takes time. For those of us who have been patient, we have to continue, because it may be a long time before this superfight happens.


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