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MMA Rumors: Ray Elbe Is Selling Pictures of His Uncommon Injury


Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me; a picture of an MMA fighter’s broken penis. Wait what? If there is anyone out there who needs a last minute Christmas gift idea, you are in luck. However, to find this gift idea appealing, you are either the biggest MMA fan of all time or just plain weird. Possibly both.

Recently, former TUF contestant Ray Elbe suffered severe damage to his genitalia while engaging in sexual intercourse. Translation; he broke his penis while having sex with his girlfriend. Elbe went very public with his bedroom antics on youtube.

                “I was having intercourse with my girlfriend…and ended up breaking-fracturing-my penis bone. It’s actually possible guys.”

To be fair, it is impossible to break any bones in your penis, despite the word “boner” to describe an erection, because there are no bones in your penis. In all likeliness, Elbe tore some tissues or even damaged the urethra. Whatever medically happened to Elbe’s penis is between him, his girlfriend and his trusted physician.

However, it would appear Elbe is trying to sell pictures of his medical short comings, according to TMZ.com. Elbe hopes to pawn off this picture for hopefully a couple of thousand bucks. Elbe took pictures of his ravaged genitals and is currently using as many media outlets as possible to find a buyer.

Elbe has apparently racked up thousands in medical costs and is exploiting this rare anatomical injury to make an easy buck, albeit his own injury. Will Elbe find a buyer? Of course he will; it’s on the internet and people buy the weirdest things. How much will he actually get for it? That is hard to determine, but in all likelihood, not as much he needs to pay off his medical bills.

Who knows? Maybe he will use any money he earns from these grotesque pictures, to get something for his girlfriend and that’s still a better love story than Twilight.