Patrick Cote Heading To Welterweight

By Jeremy Green
Patrick Cote UFC
Tom Szczerbowsk-US PRESSWIRE

It appears the UFC‘s welterweight division is getting another heavy hitter, as Patrick Cote has decided to make the move to welterweight after competing in the middleweight division for years now.

This news comes via Cote’s Twitter account:

After a year of thinking and good talk with my coaches and nutritionnist,its time, my next fight will be at 170 Thanks for the support 

Cote is coming off a controversial disqualification win against Alessio Sakara, who repeatedly stuck the back of Cote’s head.  Even though he won, it appears Cote thinks a move to the welterweight division will give him the boost to revitalize his career in the UFC.

Cote has shown to have heavy hands, knocking out fighters such as Drew McFedries, Kendall Grove, and Crafton Wallace.  Moving to welterweight will certainly give him a size and power advantage, but it will be important that he cuts the right way.  Moving to welterweight could significantly alter his cardio, which would be to his own detriment.

Potential match-ups that would be interesting in the welterweight division for Cote include Aaron Simpson, TJ Waldburger, and Erick Silva.  He isn’t ready to compete at the highest level in that division, so any fighters listed above would be a great litmus test to see if moving to welterweight was a smart decision.

Cote has been in the UFC for some time now; he has even challenged Anderson Silva for the title.  He came up short, but it was clear he posed some problems for Silva early in the rounds.  Will Cote be able to resurrect his career by competing in the welterweight division that is full of elite wrestlers?  Stay tuned!

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