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UFC 155: Junior Dos Santos should stick with striking

Junior Dos Santos UFC


When UFC Heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos first met Cain Velasquez back in 2011, it only took him 64 seconds to score a first-round knockout to win the championship.

As he gets ready to defend the championship in a rematch against Velasquez in their rematch on Dec. 29, Dos Santos said in the UFC 155 conference call that he was “ready to get his first submission in the UFC.”

Rather than try and get the submission, the champion should keep the fight on the feet and go for that one-punch knockout.

It’s not that I doubt Dos Santos’ ground ability, I’m sure he does just fine on the ground. The champion has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and trains with the Nogueira brothers and Anderson Silva. He also has excellent takedown defense, which he displayed in his first title defense against former champion Frank Mir.

Still if Dos Santos risks going for a submission on the ground, there could be a chance that Velasquez could use his wrestling ability to capitalize on a small opening and gain top position to unleash a ground and pound, similar to what he did to Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva back at UFC 146.

If Dos Santos is focused on retaining his championship and making a statement, than the best thing for him would be to keep the fight on his feet and use his boxing. His power, precision, footwork and ability to switch from head to body punches will already be more than Velasquez can handle.

No matter which strategy Dos Santos decides to use, one thing is for certain; this fight will not go all five rounds.


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