Daniel Cormier signs UFC contract, should fight Frank Mir or Alistair Overeem

By Al Stover
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As undefeated Daniel Cormier (10-0) prepares to fight Dion Staring (28-7)- at the final Strikeforce event in January 2013, he will not have to wait to find out where his career will be going.

According to MMAJunkie.com, the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion signed a multi-fight contract with the UFC this past weekend.

Although he says he has signed a “shorter contract” Cormier said he would still like to have a shot against former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir, who was supposed to face Cormier back in November until he pulled out of the fight due to a knee injury.

Mir does owe Cormier a fight, especially after pulling out of their match in November.

The Strikeforce champion also said that he would move back and forth between the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions.

Cormier fighting at light heavyweight is no surprise. It would avoid the issue of him fighting American Kickboxing Academy teammate Cain Velasquez, who faces Junior Dos Santos in a rematch for the UFC heavyweight title on Dec. 29. He also said he would like a crack at current 205-pound champion Jon “Bones” Jones.

While Cormier coming to the octagon is just one more affirmation that Strikefore is closing its doors, it’s a great opportunity for his career and if there was any Strikeforce fighter who use deserves a UFC contract, it’s him.

One opponent I would like to see Cormier face is Alistair Overeem.

After Overeem was cut from Strikeforce, Cormier was brought in as a substitute and won the tournament. It’s only fitting that the man who wore the Strikeforce Heavyweight belt and the one who won the grand prix face off.

Cormier said he expects his teammate to win the bout against Dos Santos and then for Overeem to step up to fight Velasquez. Who knows, we may see Overeem vs. Cormier for the title.

If Cormier is set on competing at 205, a great match for him would be either Bones Jones or Chael Sonnen, whose wrestling ability would be a test for the Strikeforce fighter.

However the grand prix champion is not looking past his opponent in January.

“There’s just too many ways to lose this fight. You can actually lose this fight and win at the same time, so it’s a tough situation.”


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