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Ronda Rousey Won’t Hook Up With Other Fighters

Ronda Rousey-UFC

So, Ronda Rousey won’t hook up with other fighters? So you’re saying I might have a chance? Granted, I do compete in some exhibitions now and again, but I’m not like the others Ronda. I have a sensitive side to. Ah, who am I kidding? Anyhow, enough of this self-serving and desperate attempt to get Ronda Rousey’s attention, on to the matter at hand.

Rousey is ranked 43 out of 99 on AskMen.com’s “most desirable women of 2013.” Rousey has rightfully earned her spot as a sex symbol. Back in October, Rousey was interviewed by Esquire Magazine. During the interview, she revealed that she had a very active sex life, before a fight. Her explanation at the time was that it helped with her fight performance. Rousey also revealed, she would never hook up with fighters.

                “Hell no, I aint gonna hook up with no fighters. I know these guys. They’re like a sewing circle and everyone tells everything.”

                Good call Rousey. Not all fighters are gossips, but when they do gossip, word gets around. You guys may remember one time UFC fighter Kit Cope. If you don’t, no worries, his 0-1 record left little impression. Cope may have left an impression on Gina Carano.  Carano and Cope use to be an item, but Cope went public, saying that he had a sex tape of the two.

Rousey is definitely on to something here. Maybe hooking up with a fighter is nothing but an invite for an embarrassing situation.