The Ultimate Fighter Mexico

Dana White-UFC


The Ultimate Fighter was a marker of success for the UFC. TUF was the shining beacon of hope that brought the UFC from pop culture obscurity into main stream. However, after 16 seasons, the United States may be getting tired of the usual song and dance we see every week. I suppose the initial allure of an MMA style reality show was interesting at the time, now not as much. The taboo of MMA has become so ordinary in this country, that yet another season of TUF is nothing really exciting. That being the case, what do you do with your product if the initial demographic begins to tire of it? Simple, you market it to other demographics, other countries.

While the success of TUF, in the US is fading, TUF has had more success in other countries. Dana White’s next country in mind, to establish TUF, is in Mexico. Why Mexico? Why not? Combat sports, like boxing, are rich in Mexican culture. But that’s boxing, not MMA. However, MMA has greatly risen in popularity in Mexico. MMA is rising as the top combat sport in Mexico. There are many great UFC fighters from Mexico or of Mexican descent, for the country to admire.  TUF in Mexico would be an amazing opportunity for the country and the UFC.

White is working hard to get TUF Mexico established. According to an article from MMAmania, this is what White had to say.

“We’re talking to everybody down there. We’ll get this thing squared away; get The Ultimate Fighter running down there. Once we get the right deal, I know it will be big.”   

I think this is a great move for the UFC. MMA popularity may be relatively new in Mexico and having a TUF reality show will only nurture the sport as a whole. If it does work, I can’t wait to see how it will play out.