One Armed XFC Fighter Nick Newell Wants to Step Up

By Ben Leven
Joe Nicholson-US Presswire

What’s that old saying? It was something along the lines of: “You’re so bad; you lost to a one-legged man in an ass kicking competition.” To which you could reply: “Yeah, but he’s really good at kicking ass.” XFC’s lightweight champ, Nick Newell is that ass kicking, one-legged man. Yet he’s not short of a leg, he is short of an arm.

Newell was born with a congenial amputation, causing his left arm to stop growing from the elbow. Despite only having one arm, Newell adapted to his disability and became a highly successful collegiate wrestler. Newell’s athletic success carried over into MMA and eventually became the undefeated, XFC lightweight champ.

Newell has proven that he is not hindered by his physical disability. Now, Newell wants to step up in the big leagues and take on the best the UFC has to offer. However Dana White isn’t sold, that Newell can fight in the UFC. According to an article on TMZ, this is what White said:

“It’s hard to fight with two arms, you know what I mean?”

Newell, clearly not happy with White’s response, had this to say:

                “I’ve won by arm bar, rear naked choke, guillotine, heel hook, TKO and knockout. In 9 pro fights I have never been out struck. If you have followed this sport, or know anything about it, you would be able to see that I’m amongst its elite. Just because I’m not in the UFC doesn’t mean I wouldn’t beat most of the guys in there.”

There have been other disabled athletes to compete at the highest platform. Jim Abbot was only born with his left arm, and still managed to pitch in the major leagues. This summer, during the 2012 Olympics, Oscar Pistorius competed with the best sprinters in the world and the man has no legs.

So why not let Newell compete with the best fighter’s in the world? Perhaps White’s apprehension lies in the fact that Newell can seriously get hurt in the UFC and would ultimately make the company look pretty bad. But Newell knows the risks already; he’s fought many times before, so why shouldn’t he be given an opportunity at the very least?



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