Cain Velasquez Puts On Wrestling Clinic Against Junior Dos Santos

By Jeremy Green
Cain Valesquez UFC

Ron Chenoy-US Presswire

UFC 155 showcased a brilliant UFC heavyweight championship tonight between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos.  Coming into this fight, Junior was the champion, and he was coming off an impressive knockout against Cain earlier in the year.

Many felt this fight was going to be a back and forth war, but Cain would take it to another level and completed dominated every aspect of this fight.  Even more surprising, Cain was able to get the better exchanges on the feet.

Cain was able to rock JDS in the second round, sending him backyard.  It was pretty much all Cain from there.  Every single round, Cain would press JDS against the cage.  JDS fought back valiantly, but getting rocked earlier in the fight certainly hindered his punching power.

Velasquez was able to press JDS against the cage for rounds four and five, and he was able to take him down on multiple occasions.  From there, Cain would land some good shots on top, but JDS would come right back to his feet.  This is just a testament to the kind of take down defense JDS has.

Cain is now once again the UFC heavyweight champion of the world, and he certainly avenged his emphatic KO loss to JDS.  Both fighters put on a tremendous fight for the fans, and this main event certainly delivered.

For Cain, he showed that the first fight was a fluke, and proved to all the doubters that he can take a shot and still keep coming.  His cardio was on full display tonight, and he is once again the best heavyweight in the world.  Congrats to Mr. Velasquez.

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