Alistair Overeem and Bob Sapp Arm Wrestle in Japan

By Ben Leven
Alistair Overeem UFC
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

God help me, but I love Japan. You can’t help but admire the lovely island nation, for its proud, hard working citizens, the serene mountain landscape, the odd but delicious culinary style and of course the wacky, over-the top game shows.

For as serious and noble as the Japanese nation is, there western inspired pop culture is surreal, yet charming. That adventurous blend of surrealism and nobility carries over into Japan’s game shows. How could you forget such Japanese classics like Extreme Elimination Challenge or Ninja Warrior? Or that one game show, for the life of me I can’t remember, where three men entered a televised sweating contest.

I found this nice little gem on Mirror Sports. The Japanese game show is a celebrity arm wrestling competition, where sport celebrities enter an arm wrestling tournament, with the winner facing the world arm wrestling champion. Probably the most recognizable competitors, or at least to American’s, were Alistair Overeem and Bob Sapp, the Japanese are fans of monsters.

Overeem and Sapp, both are no strangers to Japanese pop culture. Overeem was a former Dream champion and placed third in Pride’s 2005 Middle Weight Tournament. Overeem also won a celebrity sumo wrestling tournament, back in 2010. Sapp is notably; a far less successful MMA fighter than Overeem, but that doesn’t make him less of a celebrity in Japan. Sapp has been in numerous commercials, television shows and even released an album.

Overeem and Sapp towered over and dominated the competition. But when it came time for these two goliaths to face each other, Sapp made easy work of Overeem. Overeem may be the better fighter, but Sapp is the stronger man. But when it came down to Sapp facing the world champ, a large man, yet a significantly smaller one than Sapp, Sapp lost in a split second. Even though Sapp lost to the champ, it was nice to see him win the tournament, because as much as I love Sapp, he only wins once in a blue moon.


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