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UFC 158: John Makdessi vs. Daron Cruickshank On Tap

Daron Cruickshank UFC

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

UFC just added a dynamic lightweight bout between John Makdessi and Daron Cruickshank for UFC 158.  Both fighters are coming off impressive wins, and each will be looking to further their status in this highly competitive lightweight division.

Makdessi is coming off a dominant unanimous decision win over Sam Stout.  In the fight, Makdessi showcased a brilliant jab, and was able to thwart off any take downs from Stout.  It was a much needed win for Makdessi, who was previously on a two fight loosing streak.  Now, 10-2 in his MMA, Makdessi has the chance to keep his streak alive and make a name for himself inside the UFC.

Daron Cruickshank is coming off an emphatic KO victory over Henry Martinez.  In this bout, Cruickshank made it clear he was the better striker, landing an impressive head kick that sent Martinez to the canvas.  Cruickshank, who’s parents both are involved in martial arts, has been training ever since he was a little boy.  Daron competed on TUF and was on Team Faber, but felled to advance to the finals.

This fight is interesting in terms of styles.  Makdessi has a well rounded game, and his striking has come a long way since coming to the UFC.  Cruickshank also has come a long way in terms of his stand up skills, which should make this fight an entertaining one from the opening round.  The winner of this bout propels up the lightweight rankings, which is currently being dominated by Ben Henderson.