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Frankie Edgar to Jose Aldo: ‘Homeboy’s got something coming though’

Frankie Edgar UFC


Frankie Edgar is gearing up for one of the most anticipated super fights between Jose Aldo, who is one of the most dominant champions in the UFC.  Recently, Jose Aldo has said that Frankie won’t make it out of the first few rounds, which angered the former lightweight champ.  Edgar would respond with the following statements in his latest video blog.

“You know, I’m hearing he’s doing some video blogs in Portuguese saying I’m not gonna make it outta the first or second, third round whatever the case may be. Homeboy’s got something coming though.”

Edgar has never backed down from a fight, and wants to prove he has something special for Jose Aldo, who has been virtually untested since coming over to the UFC from the WEC.  Many fans are giving Edgar a just shot at dethroning the dominant featherweight champ Jose Aldo.  Edgar is one of the best wrestlers in the lower weight divisions, and some even feel he still should be the UFC lightweight champion of the world after his narrow loses to Ben Henderson.

Regardless of how you scored both fights, Edgar remains one of the best MMA fighters in the UFC, and certainly deserves praise for his career.  It will be interesting how Edgar’s performs, since it will be his first featherweight fight.   A weight class that many fans, including Joe Rogan, have been wanting him to fight at.

Will Edgar be able to dethrone one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in mixed martial arts?  Be sure to check out UFC 156, which takes February 2, 2013 to find out.