Tecia Torres earned a spot on main card, should face Joanne Calderwood

By Al Stover
Esther Lin-Invicta Fc

Tecia Torres improved her professional MMA record to 2-0 after she defeated Paige VanZant at Invicta FC 4. Torres, who fought on the event’s preliminary card, has no doubt her place on Invicta’s main card.

In her fight against VanZant, Torres, known to fans as “The Tiny Tornado” controlled the match for all three rounds by throwing a series of punches and kicks, and keeping control of her opponent’s back. While VanZant proved to be a tough opponent for Torres, the Tiny Tornado proved she has the speed and striking skills to move up to the next level of competition.

One fighter who would be a good challenge for Torres is the Scottish powerhouse Joanne Calderwood, who also scored a decision victory in her match against Livia Von Plettenberg. While Torres displayed quick striking against VanZant, Calderwood slowly picked apart Von Plettenberg in all three rounds of their fight.

With both fighters having an extensive Muay Thai background in addition to their evolving MMA game, a match between Torres and Calderwood would be exciting, especially if both fighters decided to keep it standing. It would certainly deserve a spot on the main card of a future Invicta fight card.

While Torres shined in the amateur ranks before making her pro debut in 2012, earning several championships and awards. With one victory already under her belt, 2013 might be the year of the Tiny Tornado.

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