Twitter Smack Talk Ensues Between Michael Bisping and Tyson Fury

By Jeremy Green
Michael Bisping UFC
Tom Szczerbowski-US Presswire

Michael Bisping has always been a fighter that speaks his mind.  He doesn’t hold back, and I find that refreshing in a fighter.  When Bisping heard that Tyson Fury called out current UFC champion Cain Velasquez, Bisping would respond via his Twitter account.

“Everyone just ignore that excuse of a man, Tyson something. He’s trying to get hype, I’d never heard of him till he called out Cain,”

Just like Bisping, a lot of fans have probably never heard of Tyson Fury unless they are plugged into boxing, which is a rarity for today’s fight fans.  Fury would then respond via Twitter, ensuing a Twitter war that has been entertaining to say the least.

“I hear I’d get killed by Velasquez. Not in a million years!” Fury wrote on Twitter. “I think Michael Bisping is a first class pr**k! Him and Velasquez at the same time couldn’t beat me! My friend KO’d Bisping. Ask him.”

Obviously, Fury is delusional and is more than likely trying to garner more attention for his brand.  There is no way Fury would be able to last more than a round with a fighter like Cain Velasquez; nor would he even be able to hang with Bisping.  Granted, Fury is a lot heavier, but Bisping would easily to be able to tank Fury down and submit him.

I have always been a fan of the potential boxer vs. MMA fighter match up.  When James Toney challenged Randy Couture, I was amazed to see UFC book the bout.  I knew it wouldn’t last more than a few minutes, and this proved to be true.  Randy Couture instantly shot in for a take down and ended up locking up an arm triangle, forcing Toney to tap.

Boxers simply can’t compete with MMA fighters because they don’t have well rounded skills.  So, was Fury’s trash talk an attempt to receive more attention because his sport has lost it’s appeal to the masses?  I would say yes.

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