Daniel Cormier Opens As Heavy Favorite Against Dion Staring

By Jeremy Green
Daniel Cormier UFC

Daniel Cormier is set to face Dion Staring for Strikeforce’s last card ever, which takes place January 12, 2013.  The betting lines for the fight came out this week and they have Cormier being a 20-1 favorite; a line that Cormier feels is disrespectful to his opponent Staring.  In a recent interview with Steph Daniels, Cormier spoke his mind about the line.

“I think that’s actually ridiculous. It’s pretty disrespectful to Dion, too. This guy has had a long career and fought a lot of people, and for them to just count him out like that is kind of ridiculous. In an MMA fight, all it takes is one punch from a 240 pound man to put you on your ass.”

Cormier has a point because anything can happen in mixed martial arts.  Couple this with the fact that these two are heavyweights, and stranger things have happened in terms of upsets.  Just ask George St. Pierre when he lost to the heavy underdog Matt Serra.

However, Staring hasn’t fought anyone significant in his mma tenure, so maybe the betting lines are just.  Regardless, Cormier shouldn’t care about the betting lines because it is out of his control.  Instead, he should just focus on the task at hand in Dion Staring.

If Cormier is able to defeat Staring, he keeps his unbeaten record alive and will come into the UFC with added luster.  Cormier has a lot on the line for his last Strikeforce fight, and he will need to be on point if he wants to avoid an upset.

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