Vitor Belfort should get to fight Chael Sonnen in the future

Tom Szczerbowski – US Presswire

It is not uncommon for a fighter to talk trash about rivals and former opponents after they get an impressive victory.

Vitor”The Phenom” Belfort, who had just scored a second-round TKO over Michael Bisping, decided to take it one step further and said in his post-fight speech the wanted the UFC to drop the light heavyweight title match between Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones, which will take place in April. In addition to his request, Belfort referred to Sonnen as a “punk” and a “clown.”

Never one to pass up an opportunity to respond to a fighter’s comment about him, Sonnen said that he would fight Belfort after he is done with Jones grant the Brazilian fighter’s request to “meet Jesus [Christ].”

This is not the first time Belfort and Sonnen have traded barbs. Like many Brazilian fighters, the Phenom insult Sonnen after the former middleweight title contender talked trash about Brazil. Not only did Sonnen throw words back at Belfort, he also mentioned that the Phenom is his mother’s favorite fighter.

I think a match between Belfort and Sonnen should happen at some point in the future. While Sonnen has a great wrestling background, I would peg Belfort as the better striker of the two. A lot of fans and fighters said that Belfort needed to finish Bisping quickly to win the fight and he did just that. In a fight with Sonnen, he would need to get use his striking to get a first or second round stoppage, otherwise Sonnen could grind out a decision victory.

Although Sonnen and Belfort are not currently in the same weight class, either fight can move up or down in weight to meet the other. Sonnen may have Jones for now, but eventually he will meet the Phenom in the octagon.

Belfort wants another shot at a UFC title. While he may not be ready at this point, a victory over Sonnen would solidify his claim to championship match, whether it is in the middleweight or light heavyweight division.


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