UFC Referee Dan Miragliotta in Hot Water

By Ben Leven
Dana White UFC

It looks as though UFC referee Dan Miragliotta made more some bad calls this weekend.

He has not been Dana White’s favorite referee, as Miragliotta has the bad habit of making very bad calls. An unreliable referee in a brutal contact sport like MMA is a dangerous liability. Last Saturday night on UFC on FX, Miragliotta made a couple of bad calls that infuriated White.

The first case of Miragliotta’s negligence was on the preliminary card, with Yuri Alcantara against Pedro Nobre. Alcantara took Nobre to his back and landed what did look clearly like legal blows. Alcantara strikes did not cover the entirety of the back of Nobre’s head, thus making those blows legit. Yet Miragliotta declared them illegal strikes and ruled the fight a no contest.

Dana White, still recovering from surgery, tweeted his frustrations on Miragliotta’s bad call.

That was BS!!! Pedro is an award winning actor and horrible call by Dan M

The referee’s incompetence did not stop there; it carried over to the main card. In the match between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Thiago Tavares, Miragliotta made yet another bad call. Nurmagomedov knocked Tavares to the ground and landed 14, count em, 14 blows to an already beaten Tavares. White found himself on Twitter again, venting his frustrations with Miragliotta.

Ok that is officially the END of Dan M!!!! Guys head is straight up his ass 2 night!!!! 17 vicious strikes!!!! After he was already hurt

If you remember at UFC 154 and the incident between Patrick Cote and Alessio Sakara where Sakara delivered a number of illegal shots to the back of Cote’s head, you’ll recall that Miragliotta was the referee for that match as well. As much as Miragliotta should be fired by White, the call is not White’s to make;  that is on the commission of regulations, depending on the area.

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