Bellator will Never Sell out to the UFC

By Ben Leven
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Remember when UFC bought Pride? What happened? Pride found itself in the toilet. Remember when the UFC bought Strikeforce? What happened? Strikeforce found itself in the toilet. When the UFC buys lesser MMA promotions, bad things happen to them. I am not claiming that the UFC is purposely buying the competition to tarnish it and leaving it to die in a ditch, so that it can be the only show in town. I’m only saying that bad things happen to lower tier MMA promotions when the UFC gets involved, even if it has nothing to do with ill intent.

Currently, Bellator is the UFC’s only serious competition, and a good one at that. If you think that the promotion’s rise will eventually lead to yet another buyout, think again. Bellator founder and CEO, Bjorn Rebney has no intention of selling his company to the UFC any time soon. Rebney was asked by Fight Hub TV if he would ever sell his promotion to the UFC. This is the answer that Rebney had to that question:

Never in a million years would I sell Bellator MMA to the UFC.”

Bellator has shown an increase in ratings as of late because of the talent they have. With their new deal with Spike TV giving them a wider platform, I have feeling they will keep going up. Rebney should not sell Bellator for any amount of money. I love the UFC, but competition here and there is good. Not only is it what makes our country so great, but it gives the UFC encouragement to go even further.

If the UFC buys every show in town, it would have less reasons to improve even further.

Rebney, don’t let go of Bellator, even if Zuffa kidnaps your family and hold them ransom for your corporation. Sorry, that was excessive. Keep Bellator, and make it something amazing.

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