Carlos Condit Wants to Play with Rory MacDonald’s Emotions

By Ben Leven
Carlos Condit UFC

Emotions and athletics go hand in hand. Give me a fighter who has complete mastery of his emotions, and I will give you the scariest, most dangerous fighter you have ever seen. Fighters – well, athletes in general – don’t fail because a lack of skill, they fail because they fall victim of their emotions. I suppose all that Star Wars mumbo jumbo about Jedi’s having no emotional content was on to something, because they were pretty bad ass.

Carlos Condit is about to face Rory MacDonald at UFC 158. This isn’t the first time these two met. Condit and MacDonald first fought each other at UFC 115, where Condit defeated MacDonald. Here are Condit’s initial thoughts on MacDonald.

“He looked really good [at UFC on FOX 4]. His stand-up’s come a long way. He’s kind of developed a lot of new weapons and he looked great.” “I think more versatile. He has more tools in his tool belt.”

Clearly Condit won’t underestimate the phenomenal MacDonald. Condit it seems, has MacDonald figured out on another level.

He’s coming into this fight with a lot of emotion, a lot of anger. I really feel like I’m going to be able to use that to my advantage.”

As I said, and probably will unwittingly quote Star Wars again, your emotions can betray you – especially in combat sports where tensions run incredibly high. In a fight if you are unable to think clearly and your emotions cloud your judgment, things can – and will go horribly wrong. If Condit can really use MacDonald’s emotions against him, then he will destroy him. Give me a fighter who has complete mastery of his opponent’s emotions, and I will give you a fighter who can’t lose.

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