Johny Hendricks likely Next in Line For Welterweight Title

By Ben Leven
Johny Hendricks UFC
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Johny Hendricks has been very vocal about wanting a title shot. And why not? He has proven his worth a dozen times over. Hendricks has asserted his dominance time and time again, with his skill and raw athletic power. If you all remember the punch Hendricks landed on Martin Kampmann, at UFC 154 that dropped him like a falling tower. Hendricks is one of the most underrated welterweights in the UFC.

Hendricks has threatened to put himself on the shelf if he does not get his title shot. Hendricks is willing to risk a lot to get what he really does deserve. You have to respect that dedication, courageous if not foolish. Many fans, me included, believe Hendricks deserved a shot against Georges St- Pierre at UFC 158. When we heard Nick Diaz was next in line and not Hendricks, we violently protested in anger! Well I did, that was a fun lawless weekend.

GSP is warming up to the idea of fighting Hendricks.

I’d have to say if Johny Hendricks looks good and wins his fight, it will probably be Hendricks”

What GSP was referring to was; if Hendricks can beat Jake Ellenberger, he may get his title shot. GSP explained why Diaz is the No. 1 Contender and not Hendricks.

“I think for me Nick Diaz is the No. 1 contender.” He’s proven himself many times before. There’s a story between us. It’s a big fight everyone wants to see.”

Just one more man Hendricks has to walk through and then we will get to see the actual No .1 Contender get his shot.


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