Why Johny Hendricks Deserves Title Shot and Not Nick Diaz

By Ben Leven
Johny Hendricks UFC
Joe Camporeale-US Presswrie

I realize the last article I just wrote was about Johny Hendricks. But I have been thinking and it still bothers the mess out of me why he is not the No. 1 Contender. Hendricks is one of the most dangerous fighters in the UFC. His nuclear weapon of a punch is one of the most capitalizing knock out moves in MMA. Hendricks has been very patient and tirelessly worked his way to the top of the welterweight food chain. And what does he a get; an extension on his waiting list.

The next contender to face Georges St-Pierre for his welterweight title is, as you all know, Nick Diaz. I know Diaz is one of the greatest fighters in the UFC, but he can’t beat GSP. We already know how that fight is going to go. GSP will win via decision or KO. GSP is smart enough not to grapple with Diaz. But a match between GSP and Hendricks is hard to predict and in all honesty seems far more interesting.

I know Diaz is technically next in line for a title shot. The only reason he waited this long is because of his yearlong suspension, which technically is still in effect. Yes, Diaz has paid his dues, etc, etc, his time is now and all that noise. But I think when he failed his drug test he ruined his chances, rather the second drug test he failed.

Hendricks has done nothing but work and work and left fighters broken. As far as I’m concerned, Hendricks has done much more than Diaz.

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