'Rampage' Jackson Responds to Dana White's Comments About Fighter Pay

By Kevin Jaress
Mark J. Rebilas-US Presswire

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson criticized the UFC today, which has been a reoccurring event throughout his recent interviews.  This time, he was responding to Dana White’s recent comments on how Jackson has made over $15 million during his UFC career.

Jackson told Ariel Helwani at the UFC on Fox 6 weigh-ins, “Some boxers make over $50 million for one fight,  so [$15 million] is not good enough.”

Jackson instantly appeared to realize how ridiculous this statement was.  He immediately backpedaled and said,  “It’s not all about the money.  I have got to look in the mirror and know that when I go to work I am being appreciated.”  Jackson sounded frazzled at this point and continued, “I’m not all about money, but people think that because this is my career.  This is how I feed my kids and I have been vocal about that, but I’m not all about money.”

Jackson clearly has future career plans that do not involve the UFC.  He has continually commented on how Saturday night’s fight against Glover Teixeira will be his last fight in the organization.  He has even openly mentioned his interest in fighting for other MMA promotions.  None of these actions are smart.  Especially when you are disrespecting a promotional superpower like the UFC.

White has obviously grown tired of Jackson’s act.  He rarely speaks about fighters’ contracts unless he needs to defend his promotion’s business practices.  White has to be extremely unhappy with Jackson’s comments to give the public this much detail about his UFC pay.

Jackson often talks about being  a smart businessman.  However, smart businessmen are careful to avoid burning bridges.  Jackson must truly believe that the grass is greener outside the UFC.  At this point, he better hope it really is.

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